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Performance Enhancement
Managed Services
With an Integrated Management Solution, Onyx provides its clients with a comprehensive approach to improving administrative and operating efficiency. In many cases, Onyx provides its service delivery system from an On-Site location within the client's facility. Synergies are gained by managing multiple service disciplines with one focused management group which enables the client to benefit from lower overhead cost, enhanced craft productivity, and improved equipment resource allocation. The client further lowers its business transaction costs by reducing the number of vendors administered. The five disciplines of the management process are:


Maintenance Practices

Cleaning Practices

Waste Handling Practices

Information Systems
The Service Delivery Model
Onyx has more than fifty site - based operations from which it provides a managed service approach. Using the clients' site as the service platform, Onyx becomes integrated as a Team member of the client organization. This integration enables Onyx's project management to become an integral component of the maintenance and turnaround planning processes. Equipment and personnel resources reside at the facility to facilitate the service process. Cross-trained personnel are deployed across the multi-craft service lines to improve productivity and efficiency. Information systems document day-to-day business activities, and identify trends in operating performance.
Performance Enhancement
Performance Enhancement "PET" is the combination of an operating methodology and various information systems components designed to reduce the client's service costs. The operating methodology is focused on process improvement initiatives designed to standardize work tasks, eliminate delays, and facilitates craft productivity.
When PET is operated at the client's site under normal working conditions, Supplier receives notification of work request via electronic mail. This method results in more timely and accurate communications, quicker response times, more effective scheduling of resources, and the tracking of work for daily benchmarking of activities. The methodology underlying the Performance Enhancement Tool incorporates multiple, integrated processes designed to:

identify key categories of information;

provide mechanisms for focus efforts to improve operations.
Downloadable Files
A detailed PET specification in PDF format is available for download.
OIS_PET.pdf (10.5 MB)
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view that file.If you do not already have it, you can download a free copy from Adobe. To download the file, right click with your mouse and choose the "Save Target As" option.
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