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About ONYX
Our Mission, as an international services organization, is to effectively enhance our customers operating efficiencies by removing, minimizing and managing waste material from their operations. Onyx will accomplish this objective by utilizing proven methods, experienced and qualified people, and innovative technical solutions to solve complex customer issues in a value added approach.
Our employees deliver services to both the industrial and municipal markets with safety and quality performance as our primary goal. Our commitment to safety is without compromise. We use state of the art equipment to deliver our services. However, the success of our service delivery is dependent on the quality of our employees. We provide our employees a working environment conducive to achieving technical excellence and professional development. Our employees bring value to our customers by constantly focusing on the most cost effective solution. We insure the success of our approach through team - work, performance-based advancement systems, and a broad resource base at the disposal of each employee.
We will conduct our business to the highest standards. Safety, integrity, and quality for our employees, customers, and suppliers will not be compromised. Our business philosophy is entrenched in the concept of mutual respect among our employees, our suppliers and our customers, and build long - term relationships.
Our vision is clear. We will develop a broad service portfolio capable of meeting our customers' daily, project and turnaround service needs. We will diligently work toward recognizing our vision by continuously seeking additional services, new technologies, strategic geographic locations and quality people. We want to be a true business partner to our industrial customers.
How we manage our business
We believe the greatest value to our customers is the increased productivity and profitability achieved from our innovative applications. We approach each job from a business perspective, with a focus on the immediate and a view to the long term. We work closely with our customers to define and understand their needs and expectations, and then implement a tailored solution that meets all defined requirements. We believe successful relationships are based on clear communications and clear understandings of expectations.
We work closely with our customers to identify specific goals and criteria against which performance will be tracked. Our goal is total cost and performance improvement. We can provide our services on a traditional time and material basis, unit price, or on an alternative basis. Either way, an effective tracking system must be utilized. This requires measuring pre-defined key performance indicators, examining the measurement data, identifying Best Practices, implementing "gap closure" plans and communicating the results periodically.
ONYX provides a broad portfolio of services to several types of industries, both domestically and abroad. ONYX can assure its customers in the United States the same quality of industrial services around the world. Many of our customers compete in today's global marketplace. Therefore, our customers' success depends, in part, on maintaining operations in many countries around the world. ONYX is committed to assisting these customers by providing the same reliable services around the world. In addition, ONYX is constantly seeking additional services to add to its existing portfolio, and has the resources to meet our customers' needs. ONYX currently maintains industrial service operations in:

The Americas


Asia / Pacific

Middle East / North Africa
Onyx, a Vivendi Company
Onyx Industrial Services is a subsidiary of Vivendi. Vivendi is a global provider of environmental and communications services. Its Environmental business group represents over $26 billion of revenue in the areas of water, energy, waste management and transportation. In April of 1999, Vivendi acquired La Porte, Texas-based Waste Management Industrial Services and changed the company's name to ONYX Industrial Services, Inc.
The acquisition has created synergies beneficial to our customers. For more than 30 years, the service professionals at ONYX have worked as a partner with customers, combining the best technological capabilities and expertise with a business-plan approach to provide cost-effective solutions that meet both short- and long-term economic and performance needs. Vivendi is guided by a similar philosophy - staying close to customers within specific market areas and matching services to their needs - that has made it a world leader for more than a century.
Customers of ONYX Industrial Services benefit from the strengths of a worldwide network of companies that employs more than 215,000 people, and operates in more than 100 countries.
What we do
Onyx is:

Engaged in the business of assisting our customers in optimizing operating efficiencies by removing, minimizing and managing waste from their operations.

A service-oriented company - continuously focused on maintaining, developing, and acquiring those services, technologies and tools necessary to meet our customers changing needs.

Focused on specific market sectors.

Engaged in developing long-term customer relationships.

Proud of the prudent business approach we bring to our customers.

Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and utilizes these tools in a manner that creates true economic value to our customers.
Adapting to a Change
As the markets that influence our customer's business change, so does the way we engage them. Onyx aligns its goals and objectives to match the needs of the customer in the following ways:

Performing safely

Reducing total cost

Measuring and reporting performance

Leveraging buying power

Simplify business by reducing transaction cost

Being responsive and accountable

Providing quality services

Provide technical solutions that enhance productivity

Manage and supply multiple services from one focal point
Regardless of the type of project, our goals remain the same:

Clearly define the customer expectations.

Clearly understand the project requirements.

Place safety as the number one priority. Develop the most feasible, economical method of execution.

Produce a fair and reasonable profit for Onyx.

Work as a Team with mutual respect among our employees, customers and suppliers.

Build long - term business relationships.
Safety Health and Environment:
Safety, health and environmental stewardship are integral parts of the ONYX operating culture. Our philosophy in each of these areas is to "go beyond compliance." This ensures all of our activities are structured to minimize risk, protect human health, and enhance the environment.
The ONYX safety, health and environmental training curriculum involve classroom orientation and training as well as practical applications. From engineers and project managers to technical service representatives and operations personnel, everyone at ONYX is involved in ongoing training. This insures our people remain informed and knowledgeable with the latest:

Safety requirements

OSHA standards

Plant operational procedures

Hazardous materials handling methods

Cleaning techniques
ONYX managers and supervisors are responsible for the safety of operations under their control, and are evaluated according to their safety records and performance. Before an ONYX crew begins work at a customer site, the field crews complete a detailed pre-job hazard/safety analysis. This ensures everyone involved with the project is aware of the safety requirements and is prepared and qualified to operate in a safe manner.
Every year, ONYX receives many letters of commendation and certificates of performance excellence from its customers. These acknowledgments speak to our commitment to safety performance and operational excellence.
Perhaps the best award we achieve for our customers comes from our workers compensation insurance carrier -- REDUCED PREMIUMS.
About Onyx
How we manage our business
Onyx, a Vivendi Company
What we do
Adapting to a Change
Safety Health and Environment:
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