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Dredging Operations
Service Summary
Onyx uses a manned, floating, diesel powered, horizontal auger dredge platform fitted with a 6 or 8 submersible hydraulic pump. The horizontal dredge transverses across the pond along a cable anchored to each pond bank. Cable guides on the front and rear of the dredge prevent it from veering off course while a variable speed motor (reversible and hydraulically powered) pushes the horizontal auger into the sludge.
The dredge operator maintains constant communication via two-way radio with a shore-based operator (Shoreman) located at the dredge spoils area or sludge collection point. The Shoreman functions as a safety watch for the dredge operator and monitors the dredge line and discharge location(s).

Onyxs dredge will remove only slurriable/pumpable sludge from within six (6) inches of the pond bottom. Some applications may require washing or manually removing residual sludge left on the pond surfaces after the dredging process.

The dredge is equipped with a fifteen-foot (15) boom (about 5 meters). In the event the pit/pond is deeper than 15 feet; Onyx normally works with the client to lower the pond/lagoon water level.

The dredge enables the client to keep the pond/lagoon in service. On some applications, Onyx will use turbidity curtains at or near the pond outfall to ensure the dredging operations do not cause the discharge of suspended solids.

It is important to work with the client to identify any submerged obstructions and/or structures to prevent damage to the dredge equipment and/or the submerged structures.

Special attention must be paid to the pH and texture/abrasiveness of the sludge being dredged. Operation in corrosive and/or abrasive environments will cause significant equipment erosion and damage.

The distance and elevation that the sludge must be pumped, and the density of the sludge must be evaluated on a project specific basis. In some cases, the use of a booster pump may be required to transfer sludge/spoils to the desired location.

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