July 12, 2000
To Whom It May Concern
RE: http://www.onyxes.com



Onyxes.com is the Internet home of Onyx Environmental Services. This VISIA site reflects Onyx's position as a leading International Corporation. Onyx is a part of Vivendi, a worldwide leader in Waste Management, Water, and Energy Services. The site serves as a guide for the full range of services and technologies offered by the company. A key aspect of the site is provision of Environmental content including current news, developments and leading issues of the day. The technology selected for this site was ISP.

Visia is and integrated part of the Onyx website development team. Their knowledge and expertise in website development allows us to rapidly deploy additional features keeping Onyx competitive in the marketplace. Visia has also proven to be an excellent choice for Web hosting. Our partnership with Visia has been a pleasant experience. We look forward to a continuing business relationship as we develop our site.


Annette Pomponi

Development Manager
Onyx Environmental Services
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