Object Dynamics

March 11, 1999
Costa Mesa California

To Whom It May Concern:

Object Dynamics has been using the services of Visia since 1997. Our company is a software engineering organization serving large semiconductor and computer equipment manufacturers such as Canon, Lockheed Martin, Nortel, Rockwell, Sony and Toshiba. Maintaining the right image and information content for customers like this is not an easy task.

Visia helped us create a site that is instrumental in our marketing and customer communications. They worked with us to find the right ratio between content, design and production, and made sure that the site is useful to the target market. Our customers recognized the results.

I am happy to recommend Visia as reliable professionals who know how to combine creativity with a practical approach that recognizes the priorities of their customers. They are dedicated to building lasting relationships and we feel confident that Visia will be there to support us whenever we need their help.


Vladimir I. Miloushev
Software Architect
President, Object Dynamics Corp.




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