Richard Jenkins
Dear very cool people at,

My name is Richard Jenkins. I am the Macromedia Educational Software Evangelist (ESE) for all of U.S. and Canada. I have shown your wonderful Flash site to thousands of teachers live on the web and have blown them away by it! Most have never seen anything like it before and after seeing it they really start to understand just how amazing Flash can be.

The reason I am writing you is because many times when I do a presentation for a school or for educators in a hotel conference room, I don't always have access to a phone line out to the web to show your site. Macromedia does dozens of education shows all year round and my team (Education) just can't afford the incredible amount of money hotels and conventions centers charge for a single phone line for a day.

Could I request from you a copy of your great site (and the great showroom link) so I can show off your terrific work to teachers in the U.S. and Canada? Is it possible to get two copies of it on a PC CD, or PC Zip disks? I'd be happy to pay for the disk and any shipping charges.

My mailng address is below.

Thank you in advance!

Your Macromedia fan,


Richard John Jenkins
Software Evangelist
Macromedia Inc.