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July 11, 2000

To Whom It May Concern

ICFX, Inc. is currently contracting Studio Visia, Inc. for their web design services on our netHive.com project. In addition to netHive.com's rich, interactive, Flash-based interface, Studio Visia is also developing the following web based tools:

1. Hive Phone - Realtime audio.video internet conferencing tool containing the following features:

Live video chat
Text chat
Audio/Video mail
Encrypted conversations
Auto re-dial
White board
Caller ID/ Call waiting
Recordable conversations

2. Nectar Collector - A tool for gathering, organizing and rating URL's. Features include:

Click and drag approach for saving URL's
Method for organizing and categorizing web sites
The ability to make notes on web sites and e-mail them to friends and business associates
The ability to post findings to a public area for others to view and utilize

3. Meeting scheduler - A tool for booking a virtual meeting and creating a 3D conference in which to hold your meeting by answering the following questions:


4. Instant Messenger - Send text messages to friends and business across the Internet. Contains the ability to:

Create online address book
View icons of people with whom you are chatting
Save text copies of conversations
Disable tool and block senders

Studio Visia, Inc. has continually provided high quality services for all of our Internet endeavors.


James Ehrlich
ICFX, Inc.